Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Haven't posted anything in almost a week, probably because my life at home has been almost the same every day. Wake up in the afternoon, eat snacks, watch TV, and go on the internet for most of the day. And at night I hang out with friends. The routine is always good for about a week, but now I'm starting to get bored in between the waking up and hanging out part. I think the main reason is that since i'm leaving in 4 days, I feel like I should be spending all of my time at home doing things worthwhile, as in not watching Analyze That on TV (which is a terrible terrible contrivance of a movie), or checking the price of my ebay auctions and whether my grades have been posted every 30 minutes. Also I've been buying more things for the trip, though none of them are particularly snazzy. My mom felt the need to buy me 18 pairs of socks, which altogether almost fill the main compartment of my backpack. But, they are some excellent socks...my feet have never been so warm, comfortable, and subtly stylish.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous for the trip, and I'm not nervous yet at all. How different my life is going to be hasn't really hit me yet. Maybe it will hit on the plane, or when I land in Israel...but so far I'm not really nervous. Or maybe there's just something wrong with me because most of the time I don't get very nervous about things in the future. My passport is another story, I'm a little nervous about that right now. I sent my passport out to get my China visa last week, and it was supposed to come back today, but it didn't come. Now there are only 2 more business days before I leave for it to come. If it doesn't come by Saturday, I could have some serious problems. Maybe even more problems than this miserable unelectable failure.


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