Friday, December 26, 2003

Today I Googled my name "Josh Cohen" just to keep tabs on things and see what the other Josh Cohens of the world are up to. I went through the top 50 links, and did not appear at all. So now, I am linking my name, Josh Cohen, a bunch of times to my web site in a feeble attempt to get this site into the top 50 Josh Cohen results. Yes, this is shameless, and self-promoting, and probably won't work, but I think I deserve to be in the top 50. As a side-note there are some amazingly accomplished and talented Josh Cohens out there. From photographers to tennis all-stars, to ex-hard-rockers, to bloggers, and everything in between, we're everywhere and I definitely think we should start some kind of Stonecutter-like secret fraternity of josh cohens...we have the numbers.

Today I also e-mailed someone about my internship in China, which I've been putting off for about a month now. I really hate writing e-mails, especially important ones. Well I don't hate it, I actually like it most of the time, but I always agonize over wording. Even ones to friends and family I read over like 3 times and make sure the wording is right. I tend to think this isn't normal, but maybe other people do it too. This e-mail tonight, I read about 15 times though it was only about 2 paragraphs long. And I never know how to end an e-mail. It's not quite a letter, where you can just say "Thank you for your help" then put "Sincerely," over your name. To just end it with "Thank you for your help" seems cold and unfriendly. I chose to end it with "Regards," even though it seems cheesy (what the hell does "regards" mean anyway? what are regards?) it seems to work in an e-mail setting. Another thing with these business e-mails, I find myself writing "please let me know" for a lot of things. Maybe it's not a big deal to write that a lot, but I just feel weird when I reuse words and phrases over and over again. Is there a different way to say "please let me know" that is equally polite? Please let me know if one exists.

So I'm less than 48hours away from leaving and I'll be spending tomorrow with mom getting everything ready to go, then drinking heavily on my last night in the US. Should be a good time...I'll try to take some pictures if I remember to bring my camera.


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