Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well, I didn't want a new asshole, but my finals definitely decided to tear one off for me. Just glad it's all over now. I could write a lot about the trials and tribulations of my week of finals, but that is uninteresting. I'm sick of listening to people complain about finals, and i'm sick of complaining about finals.

The past couple days were spent driving. Over the last two days I drove about 14.5 hours and and it really was pretty enjoyable. On Sunday, Seth and I drove from St. Louis to Pittsburgh and we somehow managed to fit all of our stuff in my car. It was the best packing job in the history of packing jobs. It was a marvel of modern packing science. Since we are both going abroad and not storing anything at school, we somehow managed to fit the combined possessions of two people in a volvo sedan. I wish I had a picture or something, but nothing would do it justice. The people who study pack-jobs will be studying this one for years to come. Maybe even decades. We're sure to have a write-up in the Modern Packer's Journal. And I'm surely going insane.

However, I actually really enjoyed driving. Normally the trip is a pain, but if you're in the right mood roadtrips are a lot of fun. I think the mood you have to be in is that you don't really care how long it takes to arrive at the destination. Once you start caring what time it is or whether you are making good time, then it starts getting annoying. I was just happy to be getting away from school, and whether I got home tomorrow or next week didn't really matter. So I just enjoyed the drive like a beatnik in mexico.

So anyway, I'm back in central pennsylvania now...and a little drunk at the moment...gonna end this craziness and finish unpacking.


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