Sunday, December 07, 2003

wow, i've spent (wasted) an incredible amount of time putting this site up. It probably took about 2 hours alone just to get this icon working so that it displays in the address bar when people come to this page. It is completely uneccessary, especially since very few people will ever come to this page, but all the cool web sites have it, so I had to make one too...just in case i'm cool one day. I tried to make the icon have some connection to the real JC, but I couldn't get the letters J and C to look like a cross.

I haven't made a web page in almost a year, and I forgot how easily I can spend hours making sure every little bit looks right. But I'm pretty happy with this page now...there shouldn't be any major changes.

Also, this game is a lot of far I can only make it to the 3rd level though


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