Sunday, January 25, 2004

There is cheap internet access here in Siem Reap, plus there is nothing to do at night, so I've been online more than any other part of the trip. I posted the last thing around noon today, and now it's about 9pm and I find myself online again. Anyway, today was a great day.

Slept in late because I was basically dead last night and we got up took our time with breakfast, spent an hour online then started biking toward the temples at about 2:30. By this time it wasn't so hot anymore so it was a pretty nice ride for awhile, until I got a flat tire about half way there. Luckily the Cambodians plan ahead for such things, and there is a bike repairman about every mile on the road. He took about 20min to patch up the 4 or 5 holes i put in the tube. It wasn't so bad though, we just sat in the shade and talked to an Italian guy who had a flat tire on his motorbike. He had ridden his motorbike all the way from Venice, through europe, turkey, iran, india, took a boat from Kathmandu, and now is biking through east Asia before heading back. i was impressed...that would be an amazing trip.

After the bike was repaired we started heading toward a different area of the temple complex, but about a mile down the road we saw about 6 or 7 little monkeys chilling on the side of the we stopped to take pictures and watch them. It was so cool...I was about 5 feet away from a group of wild monkeys. The best part was when these two monkeys were just hanging out about 2 feet away from each other, then all of the sudden the one just leaps over and starts humping the other one (all in one motion). it was hilarious...and a dream come true...I can't ask for any more out of seeing a group of wild monkeys than to see them humping each other. Did i say cambodia is great? It is. I took about 20 pictures, including one of them humping.

We biked over to a different temple, and it was pretty cool with a lot of intricate carvings and geometrical architecture. Then to a mostly ruined temple, which was huge, but we didn't have much time to explore it because the sun was setting and we wanted to go to a good place to watch the sunset. So we found a lake about 1km down the road and hung out on the east bank. A group of 7 or 8 really cute cambodian kids ran up trying to sell us some crap (they do this at every temple we've been to), but after they realized we weren't going to buy anything we just started talking to them and taking pictures with them as the sun set. Overall it was great, and the sunset was one of the most beautiful i've ever seen. We biked back got some dinner and that was pretty much the whole day. Tomorrow we're going to get a motorbike driver to take us to a temple about 50km away...we're done with push-bikes and we got a good deal from a moto driver.

We both decided that we really like travelling in cambodia and are regretting that we booked our tickets from bangkok to saigon ahead of time. All the travel stuff is best arranged here, and it's much cheaper that way. Looking back, we should have just done the entire trip overland, because now we decided to stay in cambodia and will have to fly back to bangkok from Phnom Penh (where we're going on Tuesday). It would have cost $4 to take a bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon...and if we did it over land, we could have gone to the north of Vietnam much more easily. Now we'll probably only go around the south.


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