Monday, May 24, 2004

Pizza The Hut

I think the last several posts have all started with me giving some excuse why these posts have been so infrequent...this one will be no exception. I've had time to update this, but really there isn't much new or interesting to write about, but as i just wrote that, I thought of something new/interesting to write about that I have neglected to share for awhile. However, the problem with writing stuff on a website is that you never know who will end up reading it, and I already know that at least one chinese person I know has read this site (I told them about it), so I can't write about this (in my mind) quite interesting story because it relates to people in china. So I guess I'll have to save that one for when I'm back in the US where there aren't any repercussions...or maybe when I'm drunk and happen to be on a computer.

Life here has been pretty much business as usual. The program ends in about 2 weeks now, and I'm pretty happy for that. This is the last week of classes, then next week we have a reading period all week, which was desperately needed (we had to petition for it). Lately I've also been breaking down and eating a lot of western food. I've found myself at McDonalds maybe 3 times in the last three weeks, at pizza hut once (and another pizza place once), and this American style restaurant twice. It seems like pretty much everyone on the program has been eating western food all the time now...either we're all just homesick or we're all just tired of chinese all the time...either way it's not such a bad thing. Two months ago I was pretty against eating western food here, but now i've been going a lot more often.

O, and Pizza Hut is like a 4-star restaurant here...not sure if I wrote about this before, but Chinese people love Pizza Hut, and since it's American prices still for all the food, it is looked at as a really nice place to eat see lines out the door on friday/saturday nights. Also, the interior design is really upscale and the service is decent too. I've heard in Shanghai there is a Taco Bell with waitresses and it's all nice inside, so i'll have to check that out this summer.

Speaking of this summer...I have this internship set up, but I don't know any information about it...don't even have a date for when i'm supposed to start i've been trying to sort that problem out lately without much success. Not too worried on that front though

Last friday the program had a talent show, and everyone had to be a part of a and a friend performed the Who's On First skit, but we translated it into Chinese...actually went over pretty well, and I was told that this kind of skit is very similar to chinese comedy skits. Some of the other skits were pretty over the top, including a visit to a "massage" parlor, which definitely crossed a few lines, but was pretty funny.

The other day I couldn't sleep and instead of doing something productive like my chinese homework or working on this 15pg research paper due next week, I made all the over 150 quotes on my computer into a web-page. They are also organized in roughly reverse alphabetical order, and I wasted an extra 20 or 30 minutes putting links to each letter even though I know there is no reason for anyone to use that...So if you want to check some of my favorite quotes out, here it is. Over the summer I'll get some more of the several hundred china pics I have organized into a web page, and I also have some funny pics I've collected over the years that I want to organize into a web page.

If you want to see something absolutely hilarious (at least to me) check this out.

And just for good measure, as a treat to all the loyal readers who are figuratively running at my with pitchforks and torches for not updating this site enough, here is my favorite monkey picture ever...

And now to throw gasoline on this already out of control is a sloth


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