Saturday, May 29, 2004

Spam sucks, rednecks make cool swimming pools

So this e-mail thing is really getting out of control...I'm sick of deleting several hundred spam e-mails a day, and I know for a fact I've accidentally deleted several real e-mails in the process. Therefore, I'm shutting down my e-mail account, and switch over to google mail. Any e-mail sent to any address @ will just bounce back, and tell you to check this website for my latest address. It's really annoying i have to do this, but there is no way to stop the spam, and right now my e-mail is pretty much unusable anyway.

As a side note, google mail is prett sweet, been using it for a couple weeks now. By far the best part about it is that I was able to make $90 from it...see they gave me two invites to invite anyone to join gmail, and since it is not open to the public yet, I sold an invite to someone on ebay for $93...i think that amt of money is pretty insane, but hey, if it's worth to them, then I'm happy to take their money. It was basically like finding $90 in my pocket...pretty cool. anyway, my new e-mail will be cohenj @ [removethis]

Things here in china are hot...damn hot...and humid...bloody fucking humid. It's that weather where you walk outside and immediately start sweating. Another problem is the mosquitoes, somehow they have infested my room, and even though i've been keeping the windows closed the last week or so, they still manage to get in and bite me all night...I think I have about 20 bites right now and probably working on my first case of malaria or dengue fever.

I really need one of these...

I finally heard back from the people i'll be working for over the summer, and I'm going to go to Shanghai this week, meet with them, and get the job all sorted out.

That's about it for now...sorry this post was so lame....I promise more 40s, blunts, and bitches in the future.


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