Monday, May 31, 2004

Teaching is Over

I wrote yesterday about how yesterday was my last day of teaching my english class. Since the semester is over, apparently the kids have some kind of performance next week. I'm not sure if the whole thing is in English or what (I hope not, because they can barely spit out a sentence of english), but I was ordered to make them all memorize the following speech:

"Take the chance, open your mind, surprise us!
Thank you teachers,
Thank you my classmates,
I like Babel,
I like happy English,
See you next term."

Notice the bad english? Notice how the first sentence really makes no sense? It is obvious this little ditty was not born of my lyrical mind, but that of one of my chinese colleagues who are supposed to be teaching these kids english. I spent about 5 minutes of each class trying to teach it to them, and they learned the "Take the chance" part, before I gave up and only kept teaching it to them when other teachers came in to make sure the kids were behaving. BTW, Babel is the name of the company I work for, not the name of the school these kids go about propaganda. "tack the chen, ope you men, surse us!" is about how the first sentence sounded when one kid finally got it. Sometimes that job was a lot of fun.

Also, this is coolest flash animation i've seen. And this is pretty funny.


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