Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The journey home has been scheduled

Well I was doing pretty well with these regular updates for awhile, but now it's been almost 10 days since the last update. Mainly, this is because I have a significant amount of work to do at my job now. Before there wasn't much to do, which led to a lot of idle internet browsing, but now the pressure is on, and it's heavy, high, and unrelenting...feels like a camel is on my back slowing my daily life to the pace of snail crawling on a hot unbuttered frying pan on a dry summer day. you may say to yourself "that last sentence doesn't make any sense," and you would be right. this is the intensity of the pressure i am under, so much that my normal largely nonsensical ramblings have grown so extreme that they actually make no sense at all.

Seriously, there isn't any mountain of himalayan pressure, I just have a relatively full day now.

In other news, I booked my flight home. I'm leaving China August 9th, spending a few days in San Francisco visiting family, then flying to baltimore on August 14th. From there I make the harsh pot-holed journey through thick malaria infested jungle, expansive rattlesnake infested deserts, the barren flu infested arctic tundra, and finally the rolling hick infested Appalachian mountains, from BWI to the suburbs of Harrisburg -- a journey that will hopefully take just under 1.5 danger-filled hours. I tell chinese people all the time that danger is my middle name...they don't get it (yes, my chinese skills are such that I must resort to these kinds of corny jokes...I regret it, i truly do).

Finally, if you ever wondered how much sex is going on in the olympic village, here is the answer.


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