Wednesday, July 21, 2004

More crazy shirts and chinese TV

Figured it's time to update my list of weird english t-shirts seen on the streets of Shanghai.

First is a teenage boy, the shirt is green with white cursive-like lettering it says "property of Conqueror"...i'd be pretty afraid of some dude named Conqueror...definitely wouldn't steal his shirt...probably has several varieties of nordic battle axes and cartoon sized hammers he can slay or pummel you with.

Next is a what looked like a 30something woman wearing a shirt that said "10% hard rocker" and it had sparkly lettering. Not sure if this is a mess-up and it's supposed to say 100% or not, but this lady was not even 1% hard rocker, unless by rocker it means rocking chair (something I believe is sorely missing in Chinese culture).

Another one is a 20something girl wearing a shirt that says "Girl is., mate" --I have no idea what this means, I'm at a loss to even take a gander at its meaning or the significance of the strange period-comma punctuation.

Next is a shirt, don't remember the shape, size, or age of the wearer, it says "Head of the times"...I'm guessing this is supposed to say "Ahead of the times" but who knows.

To go along with the "White - say it with colors" and "Black - say it with colors" shirts reported earlier, the other day I saw one that said "Red - Say it with colors". I guess that eliminates any kind of racial undertones to these shirts. I still have no clue what this means.

Finally, my all-time favorite shirt i've seen, and I would buy it in an instant if I saw it for sale...

It was a 30something somewhat portly woman...the shirt had a dark-blue background with red lettering and said "Spread over" first i was perplexed, thinking it was just some screwed up shirt, then after I passed her on the street i realized the meaning...I wanted so badly to tell her, but where is the fun in that.

Last night I was watching TV and they had a TV program for 20 minutes that is apparently a weekly program solely about Taiwan. They spent the whole time talking about Taiwan's military strategy for defending itself against China, and how China can defeat them using some other strategy. It was so weird.

Then I changed the channel and the news was on, it was the last five minutes and they were playing this animation which I had seen online a couple days ago. It's a cartoon making fun Bush and Kerry...and they had it on the national nightly news complete with Chinese subtitles. Couldn't believe that.

This animation is also very cool.


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