Thursday, July 01, 2004

Walking the streets of shanghai

So every morning I have about a 20 minutes walk to work every day, and every evening a 20 minute walk back home. This is a walk through stiffling oven-like heat and oftentimes humidity nearing that "walking through water" feeling that I grew so accustomed to during my childhood life growing up in an experimental spherical military base near the notorious "ring of fire" on the botton of the pacific ocean floor. During this walk, I am also carrying my laptop and wearing dressy pants, which both combine with the aforementioned heat and humidity the result of me working up quite a sweat by the time I reach the office/home. By the time I get to the office, there is usually a few large spots of wetness visible through whatever shirt, or shirt and undershirt i happen to be wearing, especially if it is the cheap polyester kind, of which I have regrettably purchased several. Remarkably, the chinese people I see walking, biking, or in the occasional case dancing, down the street never seem to sweat at all (admittedly, I have never seen real dancing in the street, but there have been several people who's pimp-like strut have reminded me of such line dances as the electric slide, and the hokey pokey).

The real point of this post, however, is are some of the interesting t-shirts I have seen recently on my walk to work. The other morning I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said "Disco Queen" in huge letters. Another shirt, which happened to be white, said "WHITE" in big letters, then underneath it said "say it with colors." This was very similar to a shirt I saw today, this one happened to be black, which said "BLACK" and also said "say it with colors" underneath. I wish I had a picture...I still don't know what these shirts really mean...maybe it's just some kind of stupid joke. But I can almost guarantee the people wearing them have no clue what they mean. Lastly, I saw a shirt that said "United with Love", I think I like that one the best. Another great article of clothing was a hat that two waitresses were wearing at a dumpling restaurant, it had a big menorah on it and "Jerusalem" written underneath. I have don't how they got it, but I did ask them whether they knew what it was, and of course they had no idea...they just said they use the hat to keep their hair in.

In other news, I put up close to two hundred pictures of hangzhou, so check them out.


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