These were all created by me in Adobe Photoshop


Description Image
This is a picture I made for an underground art newspaper distributed electronically called Relativity. They are still around but I am not a member any more. Relativity #3
This picture I like a lot. I made the backround using a multitude of filters in Photoshop. If you asked me to recreate it I don't I or anyone could, this may be why I like it so much. It is from issue #4 Relativity #4a
Here is another image I made for issue #4. I don't really like it and it was never used in the magazine. I spent a LOT of imte on it because I made the layout in Illustrator. This was my first time using it. Relativity #4b
I made this image to get into the group. It is actually just edited from an image I had already used to try and get into another group. I like this image a lot and I still play with it sometimes. Relativity Apply
This is a logo I made for another contest over at , it was displayed in their chat room for awhile before they decided on a standard logo. The first one is a static image the second on is an animated gif of the same image.
I made this image very recently for a convention newspaper in a local group. The newspaper is called the cauldron and I stole many of the images from an image database. Cauldron
These three images were made for a Quake clan. I love Quake and wanted to be in a clan except I am not that good so I offered to make them logos for the clan. At the time I thought these sucked but now looking back I don't think they are all that bad. Clanpic1 Clanpic2 Clanpic3
This is a shoddy logo I made for a group called Eclipse a long time ago, just found it. This was one of the first images I ever made. It went on a web site that I also made for them. That has been lost though, along with most of my early pictures because of a hard drive crash.
This image sucks. I forget why I made it. I think the guy said he'd pay me or something. He was going to use it on some web page that I don't think he ever made. It kind of has a nice 3d look to it though. Sports Plus
This is a stock image of Stonehenge that I edited, softened it and cut out th sky. Never really played with stock images before, I like how it looks.
I love these pics. I think they are some of the best banners I ever made. I made them to enter into a contest held at but I didn't win :-(. Check em out. Voodoo1 Voodoo2 Voodoo3 Voodoo4
These are three images I made for a friend on irc. He was making a web site I don't know if he ever finished it but these logos turned out pretty nice.
These two pictures are really cool, I made them with a freeware program called 'Terragen'. One is a surrealistic image of mountains and light reflecting off a lake, and the other is snow covered jagged mountains that looks very real. Surreal Real