Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scuba Diving

Went scuba diving today for the first time not in a swimming pool or shallow water.  It was awesome saw all kinds of beautiful fish and coral.  Only ones I knew were a couple of clownfish and a stingray hiding in a crevice. 
Best part was we saw a huge sea turtle, was about 2.5ft long and 1.5ft wide.  From above at first he looked just like another rock but the instructor motioned me over and I saw he was on the floor eating off some coral.  We watched for about 3minutes while he ate then slowly swam away.  Very cool.  They are somewhat rare around here, the one instructor with me had only see 2 in over 40 dives, and another hadn't seen any in over 50 dives. 
After diving in two locations headed back and took another class then a nap...had to be up at 6am to dive and I was dead.  It is grotesquely hot around here and I don't have a/c in the room.  I could barely sleep the last two days b/c it was so hot.  My shirt looks like I just jumped in the ocean with it almost all day long.  Thinking of leaving this island a little earlier than planned to try and find a cooler least somewhere that's cool at night.


Lucarz said...

whats up man, lucarz here...amazing pics, i am very jealous.

you keeping drunk?

April 12, 2007 12:29 PM  

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