Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sukhothai and Phrisanoluk

Spent a day in Sukhothai and now I'm here in Phritsanoluk on my way back to Bangkok. Isn't much to do in either city. Sukhothai has some ancient ruins and I spent about an hour and a half biking around them...but after seeing Angkor Wat 3 years ago asian ruins aren't particularly exciting. I think i took 5 pictures. It wasn't really worth going to for me.
Phritsanoluk only has one tourist attraction, a big buddist temple, went there today and it wasn't much more interesting than any of the other dozens of temples i've been to this trip and before. There is a cool night market along the river here with a lot of food stalls. At one of the stalls I had the best meal since i've been here, Fried Cashews with Chicken...had a delicious sweet and spicy red sauce. Haven't talked at all about the food here, but food is great I avoided the street vendors before but i've been getting a lot more adventurous with the food now...starting to learn some of the Thai names for my favorites. Also picking up a little Thai since these cities don't have many far I can count and say a few random phrases. Even though they don't speak english they wear a lot of clothes with english on it-- saw a large Thai woman who looked to be about 35 wearing a t-shirt working at the stalls that said "Talk dirty to me" in huge letters...another shirt to add to my collection from China.
The market here was like a mall, a lot of thai teenagers hanging out on a friday night. Most interesting thing about this city is that it's not a tourist attraction...have seen very few tourists and almost none of the signs are in english. There was also no selection of hotels and ended up having to stay in a place that's about 2x the price i've been paying everywhere else. Went out for a few beers last night, went to a bar that was advertised on the map I got at the bus station. The owner spent 6 years in England and spoke really good english so I talked to him for awhile and just enjoyed the best live music I've heard in Thailand.


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