Friday, March 02, 2007

Nifty Map

Just created this map of my planned trip

map from
create your own route map at

Things might (and probably will) change from my planned course but this is the general route i'm looking to take. I'm hoping to try and fit in at least Turkey & some of Eastern Europe into this, but I'm not sure yet. Because I was using miles and availability was limited I had to go to South Africa about 10 days earlier than I was planning. Not a big problem, will just give me a chance to explore South Africa a little more. (total cost: $65 in taxes/booking fees)

I had never really planned to go to africa at all when I thought of travelling, but now it's become about 1/4 of my trip. I'm not really sure what to expect there, or if I'll like it. A little worried about limiting myself planning out a lot of these dates in advance but I don't have any other options.

If only I would have jumped on the whole credit card mileage scheme earlier I could have built up 2x as many miles by now. The credit cards are all wise to the game now and it's pretty difficult to pull off cycling cards anymore. I always focused on 0% balance transfers to make money...but at the same time i could have been getting lots of miles if i searched around.

Leaving in 4 days! getting excited...


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