Monday, April 16, 2007

NOFX concert

NOFX was in Taipei last night. Kyle was going and had a friend with
an extra ticket. They are a punk band you might remember from about
1994, apparently they're still around and releasing albums. Was never
into punk music, but figured it'd be a funny experience if nothing

The crowd was half foreigners half chinese and probably around 500
people packed in a little underground club. Some people dressed in
full punk gear, but most seemed to be there for a fun show or to
relive their teenage punk rebellion years. As soon as they started
playing a mosh pit started, there were crowd surfers and stage divers.
I jumped in the mosh pit for about 5 minutes, which was as long as I
found it fun.

The concert was pretty good, but the band's dialogue was pathetic.
One guy kept trying to make jokes in a fake chinese accent and wasn't
funny at all, same guy did the "I am Cornholio, I need TP for my
bunghole" in a Beavis voice...clearly left his brain in 1994. There
was one funny part where one guy with a trumpet and another guy with a
trombone from the crowd got up on stage and started playing with the
band. After the song the lead singer was making fun of them "A lot of
people come to Taiwan to teach English, almost all of them are clearly
dorks...who brings a trumpet and a trombone to a punk show" and kept
going on about it.

I looked NOFX up online and their first demo tape was 1983, these guys
are about 38yrs old and still playing punk...


Welela said...


I watched Trading Places the other day and thought of you. Keep up with these posts... I'd like to imagine myself being a professional hobo, without the awful train and boat rides. Yeah, I can do without that...

Keep reporting on the adventures!!


April 18, 2007 11:56 AM  

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