Saturday, June 23, 2007

More on Goma, Kibuye

I didn't write about Goma itself.  In 2002 there was an eruption from the volcano i climbed, it flowed into the city at 60km/hr and buried half the town under lava along with killing about 100 people.  Driving through the town is very surreal as the streets are just lava rock...there are rocks piled up everwhere and some of the buildings are still half-buried under lava.  The tour company I used, did a great job, they are new and just set up an office in town.  Although they charged me $30 more per person than the rest of the group i was with i'd still recommend them. 
Yesterday we took a bus down to Kibuye and had a very cramped ride on a packed bus, luckily someone helped us get a seat right when the bus left...people have been way too nice to us.  They just kept picking up more and more people even when i thought the bus was full.  The ride was only about 110 km, but it took nearly 6 hours due to all the stops and the horribly bumpy dirt road.  We got to kibuye, which is beautiful and found a place to stay.  The scenery is great there, though there is nothing to do.  We paid way too much for our food at the guesthouse and left this morning for Cyangogu in the southwest of Rwanda.  This bus ride was even more packed, but the first hour was great with the whole bus singing beautiful rwandan songs. 
Tomorrow we check out Nyungwe forest.


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