Saturday, May 26, 2007

First week of the tour, Botswana & Zambia

stacey on our canoe in okavango
Chobe Elephants
Chobe Hippos

The first week of the tour was great. The people were a lot of fun and the sites were beautiful. Took a flight over the Okavango delta in a low flying cessna plane and we could see herds of buffalo, elephants, and hippos right from the plane. Next day we canoed through the delta and saw swimming elephants, hippos, and lots of birds. The delta scenery was surreal, it wasn't muddy like I expected, the water was crystal clear with water lillies and high grass everywhere. We canoed straight through the grass and did a nature walk on one of the islands where an elephant started following us around.

After that we went to Chobe in northern Botswana and took a sunset cruise on the Chobe river where we saw over 20 hippos eating in the water from 10ft away (a little scary since they are the most deadly animals to humans), huge herds of elephants drinking at the water...including some really cute babies and a couple elephant fights, and a herd of buffalo that got chased away by elephants.

Just along the highway driving from place to place we saw a rare black Sable, elephants, warthogs, kudu, eagles, and antelope.

Now we are in zambia at Victoria Falls and will be crossing over to Zimbabwe later to get a better view. Tomorrow we meet up with a new group for the rest of the tour (almost everyone on this tour just did 7 days, joburg to Vic Falls). This group has been a lot of fun, several of us up drinking around the campfire every night.


Anonymous said...

very cool.....send some pictures of both of you. We miss seeing you.


May 31, 2007 1:30 PM  

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