Monday, June 25, 2007

Goma Volcano Pics - Back to Kigali

After Kibuye and one night in Cyangugu yesterday we tried to go to the Nyungwe Forest National Park. We talked to a minibus driver and he would take us to the entrance (2hrs away) for the same price as he charged to go all the way to kigali (7hrs)...$6 per person. So we take all our stuff with us and go to the park expecting to pay $20 for the park entry fee and hike around the forest awhile...maybe camp out that night.

We get to the park entrance in the middle of the forest and go to reception. It turns out you pay $20 just for the privilege being in the park and have to pay $30 for a guide on any particular hike you want to do. There is no way to hike alone through the park, not even along the highway that leads through the park without paying $30 for a guide. Rwandan citizens only pay $2 for entry and $4 for a guide. We were so pissed after going all this way...we read online and in brochures it was possible to hike along but this ranger would have none of it.

So we waited on the road for another minibus to come by and had to pay the full price to kigali again after deciding to just screw it and go to Kigali and catch a bus to Uganda. Couldn't find a cheap room (under $40 even) in the center of town so we went back to the sketchy hole we stayed at the first two nights and got the same $12 room as before. No problem though, we know our way around. Found the bus to Kampala and bookeda ticket tomorrow. Had to change money today, only had a 1996 $100 bill, and they charged me $5 commission because the bill was before 2003...i was only changing $30 too. Aside from the no ATM problems, Kigali is a great city, wouldn't mind coming back here.

See below for some Volcano pics...


Madelaine said...

wow all sounds incredible! i just caught up on your blog today and i'm very impressed. keep it up!

June 25, 2007 3:44 PM  

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