Monday, July 02, 2007

Jinja, Whitewater Rafting

My last post was pretty long and I threw a lot of detail in because looking back it was amazing that it all worked out as planned.  So many things could have gone wrong along the way, and we were almost ripped off several times, but travelling in Africa has taught me that things just seem to work out in the end.  Would have been much easier to book the organized tour, but it was full.  In the end we were able to return the tarps (unused) with no problem and got our $30 back.
Yesterday I went to Jinja to do what is described as one of the world's best places to whitewater raft.  They picked me up in the morning and we went about 1.5hrs south to near the source of the Nile.  After a quick lesson on the rafting commands we hit the rapids...4 level 5 rapids (the highest you're allowed to go down on a raft) and about 7 or 8 level 4 & 3 rapids.  It was a great time, and when we flipped on the level 5 rapids I panicked a little after being dragged along and spun underwater for about 30 seconds.  The only problem with the trip was the 2 hour long stretches of no a little boring roasting in the sun paddling along until the next rapid.  Overall we went 30km down the nile. 
Now we need to get our ethiopian visas and make our way over to Kenya.


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